Make Your Writing Space More Comfortable

This Month In Writing, we explore simple ways to improve your writing space and the best advice published in June.

Make Your Writing Space More Comfortable
Photo by Sora Sagano / Unsplash

When the pandemic began, I spent some time and money to outfit my home office with a high-quality sit/stand desk and comfortable chair. I didn’t know how long work-from-home would last and saw it as an eventual investment in my freelance business. Since then, the desk and chair have paid incredible dividends and provided an optimal writing space to write my book.

I recently explored the various habits and environments that hurt my mental health. As a result, I’ve disconnected from multiple practices and processes. In the process, I realized that my desk had become a bastion for clutter and was not conducive to an optimal, creative environment. Further, the desk had grown largely utilitarian and far less imaginative. It turned my office into a place of work rather than a place I enjoyed working.

Stripping everything off my desk, cleaning it, and then selectively returning things was a cathartic experience. I also added some gorgeous wooden frames, an inexpensive desk mat, and a stand for my iPad and forthcoming MacBook Air. The best addition, by far, was the picture frames. They bring smiling faces front and center to my desk and provide inspiration and encouragement during downtime and client calls. It’s amazing how a clean and welcoming space invites creativity.

Justin Cox Justin Cox

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