Yoga for Writers

This Week In Writing, we get out of the heat and explore yoga as a wellness strategy for creativity and mindfulness.

Yoga for Writers
Photo by Luemen Rutkowski / Unsplash

Today is the Summer Solstice and, while I learned my lesson about trying to explain the science of the Solstice, I do know it marks the official start of the Summer. Here in Orlando, it’s felt like summer for weeks. As I write this, the high for today is 97°F/36.1°C. That’s hot. So hot, in fact, that I tend to spend most of my time indoors.

Prior to the onslaught of summer-like heat, I was walking daily. Not only was it a great wellness strategy, but it boost my creativity by giving my mind space to wander. Since walking through nearly 100% humidity isn’t my idea of stimulating, I’ve returned to yoga. Thanks to Apple Fitness, I have access to great yoga and meditation courses whenever I need a break.

Not only does yoga help my fitness, but it also helps my overall wellbeing. My mind is clearer and I always feel more creative after practicing. Since today also happens to be International Yoga Day, it’s a fitting chance to see if yoga is a good option for your own writing wellbeing.

How do you stay physically active and mentally clear during the heat of the summer? Hit reply and let me know.

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