Introducing SiriLibs: The First Mad Libs Style Game For Siri Shortcuts

When Apple released iOS 12, Siri Shortcuts quickly became the hero. Shortcuts provided a level of development and creativity previously unavailable on a mobile platform.

Last month I published two shortcuts:

Today, I’m releasing a new shortcut based on the class Mad Libs game for children: SiriLibs!


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SiriLibs is the all the fun of Mad Libs brought to Siri!

SiriLibs is the FIRST Mad Libs style game built for Siri Shortcuts!

Everything is verbal, so you get the added bonus of Siri mishearing you and twisting your words!

SiriLib Features Include:

  • Two original stories written by me. Over time I hope to add more.
  • The fun of Siri not understanding what you say, causing an unintended laugh.
  • UpdateKit support. SiriLibs will automatically update each time new stories are added.

SiriLibs Stories

For the initial launch, I wrote two complete stories highlighting words to turn into Shortcut variables. Writing the story in full helped the story make sense. Writing a super short (less than 50-word) story proved to be a fun challenge.

Here are the complete, original stories before the variables were added:

Story One: The Girl and the Dragons

Once upon a time, there was a GIRL who lived in a CASTLE. The GIRL was SAD because life was HARD. Everyday DRAGONS ATTACKed and caused CHAOS. Eventually the DRAGONS LEFT and the GIRL DIED. The end.

Story Two: The Deadly Vegetables

Did you know VEGETABLES are DEADLY? They GROW inside your LIVER until one day they EXPLODE! You can PROTECT yourself from VEGETABLES by WEARING a NECKLESS made of GARLIC. And now you know!

You can download SiriLibs on RoutineHub for free today!

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