How Do You Fight Procrastination?

This Week In Writing, we explore the bane of most writers’ existence: procrastination. And, yes, it’s different from Writer’s Block.

How Do You Fight Procrastination?
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Picture this: you have an idea — a story to tell or an article to write. The pieces are swirling around in your head, just begging to break out. Yet, when you sit down at the computer (or notepad of you’re wild) and a million other things seem more pressing. It’s not that you don’t want to write; it’s just that you would rather do literally anything else.

Does this sound familiar? It happens to me all of the time. I have a topic or a draft idea, and then redesigning my website seems more interesting. Or cleaning the house. Or going for a walk. Or watching Obi-Wan again. Besides, I have plenty of time to write.

Yes, my name is Justin Cox, and I’m a procrastinator. But I’m also kind of bad at procrastination, too. For example, I’m writing this newsletter at the end of July. You might be thinking, how can I call myself a true procrastinator when I’m over a month ahead of the deadline? Simple: I’ve been sitting on writing this newsletter for weeks.

Procrastination comes in many forms. Mine is one where I am never late on anything (and am often very early), but I still put things off for quite some time. Why? I don’t know; it’s probably how my brain is wired. I know many writers who are set up the same way. We’re procrastination machines.

My method for attempting to beat procrastination is setting deadlines to prevent lateness. I also treat myself like I would any other paying client. It usually helps.

How do you beat procrastination? What methods work well and keep you going? Hit reply, and let’s chat.

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