My Return to Journaling Failed Miserably

This Week In Writing, we talk about good intentions, rumored Apple products, and buying domain names

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I intentionally broke a 1,903-day journaling streak a few months back. It was the right decision, and I don't regret it. However, I've not returned in any capacity since.

I intended to write when I had something to say. It turns out that's a bad motivator. Either that or I never have anything to say. Since the end of March, I've left two entries in Day One.

My lack of motivation extends beyond journaling. All writing is difficult right now. I unexpectedly took a week off from the newsletter earlier this month because it was either that or forcing something I wasn't proud of. For a brief moment, I contemplated taking today off and blaming it on the holiday weekend.

I go through periods like this, where writing is more difficult than usual. I don't call it writer's block -- the ideas are still there; it's the execution that's lacking.

The very first Write Now author interview was with Andy Weir, author of The Martian and Project Hail Mary. He addressed this feeling of writer's ennui by saying:

No, my main problem isn’t writer’s block, it’s “writer’s lazy-assed work avoidance”. Sitting down and actually doing the work is hard and sometimes requires a huge amount of effort. So the biggest challenge for me isn’t coming up with the ideas, it’s forcing myself to sit down and do the work.

I know I'm avoiding the writing right now (pun intended). Part of what's missing for me is the excitement and joy of writing. During my daily writing streak, I had fun answering questions and prompts. Now, it just feels like a chore.

Part of the issue is Day One feels dated. I love the app, but it hasn't changed since Automattic purchased it a few years ago. Opening the app to create an entry feels like work, and the utilitarian aspect of the app doesn't help. There's no woo anymore -- no sparkle.

Apple is rumored to launch a new journaling app next week at their annual developer conference. While it will likely focus on mindfulness and health integration, Day One is clearly nervous. The day after the rumors broke, Automattic sent an email assuring customers about their commitment to quality and the long-term success of Day One.

I'm excited about the potential of an Apple-focused journaling app if for nothing other than it's something new. Maybe it will spur new ideas or, at the very least, prod other journaling apps cough, Day One, cough to update their design and feature sets.

I understand that a single app is not the make or break for developing a desire to write. However, as I try to break out of this writing funk, I'm looking for any potential spark. Right now, it's a potential new app.

Do you fall into writing ennui? How do you break out?

The Silo/Wool Book Club Is Coming

Part of my writing avoidance has led to a lot of reading lately. Over the weekend, I finished the 1,663-page Silo/Wool Saga Omnibus and caught up with all of Apple's available episodes. I loved the book series and have questions about Apple's distinct choices with the show.

If you want to talk about these choices and more, join My Writing Community's next book club discussing Wool and the first season of Silo coming up in July. No date yet, because I have yet to learn how many episodes of the show are left, and I'm too lazy to look it up. But we'll have a date set soon. Either way, you have a month to read Wool (or the whole Omnibus if you want) and join our book club.

Not a member of My Writing Community? Join today!

How Many Domains Is Too Many Domains?

Another project I've been working on instead of writing is buying far too many domain names. Each domain is a potential project -- not that I have any intention of launching anything new in the near future. But it's fun scanning through the various top-level domain options and seeing what is available and what isn't. Plus, if I ever decide to launch an invitation-only Mastodon server or email service, I have the perfect domain ready to go.

I'm a big fan of purchasing your own domain, even if it's just pointed to your Medium or Substack page. Mainly, the domain provides professionalism with a dedicated email address. I've owned for 18 years and have no intention of ever letting it go.

All of my domains are registered with Hover (affiliate link). I've used them for as long as I can remember and can't recommend their service enough.

Anyway, I currently have 16 domains that are registered anywhere between later this year and the next decade. How many domains is too many? You tell me.