Do You Procrastawrite

This Week In Writing, we talk about procrastination and everything we do instead of writing.

Do You Procrastawrite
"Procrastination" by Justin Cox and Midjourney

A few weeks ago, I asked how people were preparing for NaNoWriMo. Reader Teresa said she was ready so long as she didn’t give in to procrastiwriting. I love this idea and realized I do it all the time.

I don’t know if there’s an official definition of procrastiwriting, but I’m going to make one up and we’ll all accept it as truth (hopefully Teresa thinks this definition is accurate):

pro·cras·ti·wri·ting: (noun) the action of writing everything and anything except what you should be writing

I keep a running list of planned topics for this newsletter and usually have ideas scheduled a month or two in advance — I say planned because I usually don’t have anything written that far in advance. Right now, I’m writing this a few days before you’re reading it, and only because I’m waiting for Hurricane Nicole to move through the area.

I’ve clearly procrastinated writing this newsletter, but I’ve still been writing a lot of stuff — just nothing I’m supposed to write.

Do you procrastiwrite? What are you writing instead of what you should be writing? Hit reply or respond in the comments.

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