Ask yourself three questions daily to become a better storyteller.

Repeating something twenty-one times develops a new habit. Want to teach a child to brush their teeth before bed every night? Help them remember on twenty-one consecutive nights and a habit will form.

At the beginning of this new year, make a resolution to create a daily writing habit that will also develop your storytelling skills. Commit to twenty-one straight days of daily journaling.

Writing in a daily journal can be a daunting task to start. What do I write about? Will I ever read these entries? Commit to developing your daily journal habit by answering these three questions:

What was significant today?

What did I learn today?

What is my goal for tomorrow?

Approach these questions as a way to tell the story of your day. Share the details about your significant moment. Who did you talk to? What did they look like? What did you smell?

Don’t just tell the story, experiment with different forms of storytelling. Can you describe what you learned through poetry? How about exploring your goal for tomorrow as a one-act screenplay?

Begin 2018 by taking steps to become a better writer. The stories you capture in your daily journal might just be the inspiration for your next viral story.

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