Do you need to get up again?

This Week In Writing, we celebrate National Get Up Day by refocusing on our priorities and building healthy writing habits.

Do you need to get up again?
Photo by Arjunsyah / Unsplash

New Year’s Resolutions are fading in popularity, with only 29% of people resolving something for 2022. Whether you’re in the resolution camp or not, we can all agree there are opportunities for growth in our lives — especially when it comes to writing.

I firmly believe that even the most prolific and successful writers still have things to learn. We all go about how we improve differently. For me, it’s daily writing. The last two weeks have been insanely busy, yet I’ve still managed to write in my journal. Today, I have a 1,487-day streak in the Day One app as I write this newsletter. Not only is it therapeutic, but it also helps me improve as a writer by engaging with the practice every day.

Today is National Get Up Day, a day created in the world of figure skating to encourage getting back up when you fall. Don’t beat yourself up if you did make a resolution and happened to break that habit already. Instead, get up and start again. Or get up and change your goal.

It’s been a long time since I’ve broken my daily writing streak, but the chances are that day will eventually come. Life happens, and sometimes things are unavoidable. However, how we respond is what matters. If I break my streak, I’ll simply begin building another one.

What are your writing goals for 2022? Have you experienced setbacks or pressures? How did you respond?

Justin Cox Justin Cox

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