Give Thanks to Our AI Overlords

This Week In Writing, we celebrate Thanksgiving and dive into the ever-improving AI-generated content.

Give Thanks to Our AI Overlords
Psychedelic Thanksgiving by Justin Cox and Midjourney

A few weeks ago, Clive Thompson pondered how many Medium stories have been written by AI. It’s an intriguing question that I think about every time I review publication submissions that feel slightly… off.

In my experiments with AI writing, there were tell-tale signs content was generatedand not written: lack of linked sources, lack of cohesion, overly simplified voice. But, as I’ve been more and more impressed with AI image generation, I figured I’d play with AI writing again.

I was impressed.

Five minutes after signing up for a free trial of on my phone, I typed a stream-of-consciousness title and prompt, and I clicked generate. The prompt was, The future on social media is much like the Game of Thrones. Right now, the only thing missing is a dragon. (Ironically, there’s a silly typo that slightly changed the meaning of my intended sentence.)

Within about a minute, the AI created a complete blog outline. Had I felt like writing, the basic framework was there. Yet, I didn’t feel like writing. Instead, I told the system to use the outline and create the entire post. A minute or so later and generated nearly 900 words of witty content right on my phone.

The content was pretty detailed and, truthfully, felt like something I would have written. Check out this Twitter zinger:

Twitter is the world’s largest public discourse platform. It’s a place for people to vent their frustrations, have political debates, share opinions, and share links to articles about whatever it is that they’re upset about.

The AI even generated analogies, which I find both impressive and scary:

So what will happen to the seven kingdoms of social media? Will they merge into one realm? Will they break apart into smaller fiefdoms and duchies? Only time will tell.

Coming back to Clive’s original question, I think it will soon be very difficult to tell how many AI-generated stories are on Medium. While the best tools require a small financial investment, more companies are investing in AI writing technology which will continue to improve the technology. As I write this, Notion just announced they’re entering the market (join the waiting list and help bump me up a few spots).

With the continuously improving quality, there will be ethical questions about AI-generated content. Namely, should someone be able to profit off something they didn’t write? As a publication editor, do I want to publish something someone didn’t write? I don’t know the answers to the questions yet, but they are worth exploring. One thing I do know is that anything I generate will be identified as such.

What do you think about AI-generated writing? Drop a comment or join the Substack chat thread.

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the States. It’s a day we celebrate things we’re grateful for and eat a lot of food. It’s also the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

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