I Wrote a Book!

This Week In Writing, I announce my new book and provide an update on the Flash Fiction Writing Challenge!

I Wrote a Book!
Write Now the book by Justin Cox

Today is an extremely rare day where the month’s final day falls on a Tuesday. That means today is a This Week in Writing and Write Together Monthly hybrid issue! This rarest of days is the perfect time to announce that I wrote a book!

Over the last year, I’ve been working on a book for writers. I’m super excited to share that Write Now: How to Pursue Your Dream and Start Writing Today is available for purchase!

Whether you’re a blogger, content writer, novelist, poet, or any other type of writer, writing is a fantastic outlet. It can also be a scary, intimidating, solitary, insert-adjective-here activity. Write Now demystifies the process and provides you with all the support and encouragement needed to share your writing and build an audience.

Everything in Write Now is based on my knowledge and experience as a writer and editor. This book contains guidance to help you address some of the questions it took me years to acknowledge. However, Write Now does not have the magic formula for instant fame and success as a writer.

Instead, Write Now is filled with encouragement to work hard. This book contains everything I’ve learned over the years to help you stay focused, strengthen your skills, and understand that success takes time. Write Now guides you through discovering what type of writer you are.

Write Now is filled with activities and worksheets to overcome the barriers to writing, experience different types of writing and editing, and build a team of people who support and encourage your writing.

Write Now is available worldwide via paperback today and arrives on Kindle next week!