Does Your Writing Live Long and Prosper?

This Week In Writing, we celebrate First Contact Day by exploring one of the best genres out there: sci-fi!

Does Your Writing Live Long and Prosper?
Photo by Wonderlane / Unsplash

Today is the 41st pre-anniversary of First Contact Day. Ok, that’s a little confusing. According to Star Trek lore, the first meeting between humans and Vulcans occurs on April 5, 2063. The momentous occasion 41 years from now is known as First Contact Day!

I’ll admit that I’m much more of a Star Wars fan than Star Trek. I have vague memories of Star Trek: TNG and Voyager from childhood and watched the JJ Abrams films. Though, I love any excuse to talk about science fiction writing!

Sci-fi is some of my favorite writing and, based on my biased brain, some of the most creative. Building unique worlds, species, and histories that readers not only devour but find themselves part of is exceptionally inspiring.

Are you a science fiction writer? What motivates and inspires you to create new worlds? If you’re not a sci-fi author, what is your favorite writing from the genre?

Bonus question for all you Trekkies: How are you celebrating First Contact Day?

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