Call For Submissions: Growth Focused

📝 This Week’s Goal: Consider what fuels your growth and share it with the community.

Call For Submissions: Growth Focused
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

My wife and I planted chia seed in the backyard earlier this year. It was really an experiment to see if the same seeds we mix into oatmeal and smoothies would grow naturally in the backyard. Turns out, it grows incredibly well.

The main chia stalks (that’s the best way to describe them) are now over six feet tall. Every time it rains, which is daily here in Florida, they grow another few inches. While they haven’t produced new seeds of their own yet, it’s only a matter of time.

Today, we’re making a call for submissions for growth-focused stories. How do you water your writing? Like a good gardener, what systems do you have in place to tend to the writing weeds? What tools keep your writing plans healthy and fresh?

Now, we are not looking for a ton of submissions with gardening analogies. We are also not just looking for list-based articles with titles like “5 Ways to Grow as a Writer” or “How I Grew in 2020.” We’re not even explicitly looking for submissions with the word “grow” in the title.

We are looking for creative explorations of growth. Your story and experience are valid; use them! Just remember the audience is other writers looking to grow. Be creative and share your best tips, tricks, tools, and suggestions for our community.

Submit following our normal process and use the tag growth-focused. Like all of our submissions, this is an open call, so we’ll factor them into our publishing schedule over the next few weeks.

What makes you grow as a writer?

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