August Writing Prompt: Back To School

๐Ÿ“ Call For Submissions: Stories About Starting Over

August Writing Prompt: Back To School
Photo by Deleece Cook / Unsplash

Here in Central Florida, August means heat, humidity, hurricanes, and a new school year. Yes, I realize that doesnโ€™t begin with an โ€œh,โ€ but what can you do? Anyway, I know for a lot of our audience, August is very early to start a new school year, but itโ€™s our normal. To celebrate this month, weโ€™re looking for stories about starting over.

Did you write an entire book only to hit delete and start over? Did you change careers to focus on writing? Do you have advice for people looking to make a change in their writing lives? We want to hear your stories and what you learned along the way.

The Writing Cooperative is about sharing tips to help fellow writers, so please frame your personal stories about what others can learn from your experiences. We are still accepting non-prompted stories, too. If you have high-quality writing advice to share, weโ€™re ready to publish.

What advice do you have for starting over?

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