Where Do You Get Feedback?

📝 This Week’s Goal: Build a team of trusted peers to help you grow as a writer

Where Do You Get Feedback?
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I just read Colin Jost’s memoir, A Very Punchable Face. Jost is the head writer at Saturday Night Live and an all-around funny guy. He’s also married to Scarlett Johannson, which is somehow always relevant.

Jost went to college at Harvard and spent two years applying for the Harvard Lampoon. As he explains in the book, Jost wrote every day for two years, improving his craft and trying to land a coveted spot. His submissions were either accepted or rejected, Jost received no feedback, critique, or explanation despite writing over 80 rejected pieces.

Feedback is so important for writers. So many of you have told us you crave feedback and support if only you knew where to find it. We listened and designed the Community Cohort coaching program to provide feedback and a team of people to support and encourage your writing.

Our first Cohort wrapped up last night. Over the previous five weeks, the small group met weekly to encourage each other, provide feedback, and grow in their craft. The participants explored new forms of storytelling and showed tremendous growth through the course of the program. I was blown away by the quality of their work and cannot wait to see where they submit next.

Based on the success of our first Cohort, today we are launching two more!

  • Cohort 002 is again for article and essay writers looking for feedback, support, and encouragement. It will meet on Tuesday evenings EST in June and July.
  • Cohort 003 is for advanced writers looking for a team of peers to review and support their next steps. This Cohort will meet at times as determined by the participants.

Both Cohorts are accepting applications now. To learn more about the Cohort program, or to apply, visit our dedicated Community Cohort page. Act quickly because applications for both Cohorts are due on June 9.

Join a Community Cohort and receive feedback and encouragement on your writing.

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