Where Do You Find Inspiration?

I have a sporadic series here on The Writing Cooperative called Unlikely Places. Each entry explores writing advice inspired by pop culture. The thing is, I never plan out any of the entries in this series. I consume pop culture, and then my brain is inspired to analyze and write. That’s why there’s no set schedule for the series.

I’ve never been able to fully understand how the muse works. The muses were a cult of poetry patrons found in originated in Greek mythology. Today, we tend to blame the muse when we lack inspiration. As far as I know, no one has a once-every-four-year poetry festival at the foot of a mountain to honor the muses. But maybe…?

Being open to inspiration requires us to sometimes look at things in a different light. For example, Mike B. is inspired to write horror by watching cringe-worthy episodes of The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. While those aren’t the first places I’d think of to draw inspiration to write horror, who am I to question the power of the muse?

The key is capturing inspiration when it strikes. If the muses show up and plant an idea in your brain, run with it. It may not be the next greatest work of art. But then again, who knows? Write wherever inspiration takes you.

What unlikely places do you find inspiration?

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