Do You Have A Four-Legged Writing Partner?

📝 This Week’s Goal: Check Out Medium’s Writing Contest

Do You Have A Four-Legged Writing Partner?
Photo by Jamie Street / Unsplash

Since moving into full-time freelance writing, my dog is never more than about two feet from my legs. As I type this, he’s lying just to the side of my desk, sound asleep. However, if I move or — heaven forbid — leave the room, he gets up and follows.

When the pandemic first moved me to work from home, I called him my coworker. Now, he’s my writing partner. Sure, he doesn’t add much to the conversation and doesn’t have an opinion on the Oxford comma, but it’s nice to have his undeniable support.

? Do you have a four-legged writing partner? How do they help or hinder your writing?

Last week, we launched the August Writing Prompt: Back to School. While that’s the title, the focus is really starting over. A few days later, Medium announced a massive writing contest with serious prizes. One of the four prompts is REENTRY. We think that prompt aligns nicely with our monthly prompt. So, if you’re working on a Back to School prompt, consider making it your contest entry.

To learn more about Medium’s writing contest, read the official announcement. If you are submitting a contest entry draft to The Writing Cooperative, our submission rules still apply. Additionally, please ensure we receive your draft well before the August 24 deadline to work with our normal review and scheduling windows.

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