Do You Write Across Generations?

📝 This Week’s Goal: Consider your audience and write for them.

Do You Write Across Generations?
Photo by Lucian Alexe / Unsplash

Over the last few years, I’ve conducted extensive research into generational theory. The basic idea asserts that people born around the same time share similar traits. Each generation has a name, like Baby Boomer, Millennial, or Generation Z. Generally, new generations arrive due to catastrophic events. The Baby Boomers formed after WWII, and Millennials grew up with the Internet.

When writing, it’s important to know that some readers view similar content in different ways. People’s view often comes from their generational perspective. Communicating ideas across generations can be difficult without carefully considering how different people receive and digest information.

Do you consider your generational perspective when writing? What about when considering the audience? Let us know by leaving a response.

Justin Cox Justin Cox

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