What is Fairy Bread?


What is Fairy Bread?
Photo by Mary and Andrew on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Tomorrow is my birthday. It’s ok; you can hold the applause. Since I’m all about food and words, I went looking for obscure birthday-related things to share in today’s newsletter. Instead, I found quite possibly the saddest birthday tradition: Australian Fairy Bread.

On the surface, Fairy Bread sounds like a magical treat. Instead, it’s a piece of buttered white bread (sans crust) covered in sprinkles. That’s it. That’s the whole treat. I’m a fan of buttered bread, but untoasted buttered bread? With sprinkles?

Now, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that the internet often lies to us. I tried to disprove Fairy Bread as an actual thing. Instead, I found validation. So, now I’m wondering if I’m the strange one.

I’m sure Fairy Bread is delicious (who doesn’t like butter?), but can we leave off the sprinkles? I think they’re kind of strange, if we’re honest. Are they sugar? Plastic? And why do Britt’s call them “hundreds-and-thousands?” There are a lot of them, but that’s so many words for something so small. Though, I guess sprinkles do make people happy as long as you’re eating and not preparing. When you’re preparing, they get everywhere.

Anyway, my birthday is tomorrow, and I’ll be eating and celebrating. Just not Fairy Bread. Probably.

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