Do You Need a Day Off?

This Week In Writing, we celebrate National Goof Off Day by exploring ways to take a break from writing (and yes, you can take a break).

Do You Need a Day Off?
Photo by Braydon Anderson / Unsplash

I used to think I couldn’t take more than seven days off in a row. I thought taking that much time would cause things to spin out of control, causing so much work when I returned. Taking 10-days when visiting Japan seemed excessively indulgent, even though it was something I’d looked forward to for years. I’ve since learned believing I can’t take a day off is extremely unhealthy.

In each Write Now interview, I ask the authors what they do when not writing. Andy Weir works with wood, Julia Cameron walks through the mountains, Kristen Arnett tells dad jokes on Twitter, and Sarah Knight travels. If all of these New York Times bestselling authors can take a day off, so can you!

Today is National Goof Off Day and a great reminder that we all need a break from time to time. Whether it’s a hobby or just getting away from the keyboard, taking time off is good for our minds and souls. Also, scientific research proves that pausing increases focus — in essence, taking a day off can help you be moreproductive and more creative when you return.

So, my writer friends, I implore you to take a break today. Be it 10 minutes or the whole day, stop what you’re doing and goof off. Do something fun. Play hooky. Then, hit reply and tell me how you spent your time not writing. Enjoy today!

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