Ready for a blast from the past?

Everything is fun and games until someone adds you to a reunion group.

Ready for a blast from the past?
2001 to 2021 Glow-Up (Photo by the author)

Last week I minded my own business. Life was great. Then, out of nowhere and completely unannounced, someone added me to my 20th high school reunion Facebook group.

Over the last week, I’ve been lurking through the photos, memories, and slam book revelations. Yeah, you read that correctly. Apparently, some of my classmates thought it was a good idea to reveal the secrets they’ve been holding onto for <checks watch> 20 years.

One reoccurring meme I did give into is comparing senior pictures with current ones. I felt the need to represent my fellow bowl-cut babies and share my 20-year glow-up. Mainly because no one else from the class of 2001 admitted to the quintessential 90s boy haircut. And, for the record, I’m still the only one to do so. Anyway, it’s only fair to share the love.

Anyway, this post is not entirely about my high school days. Getting placed in the reunion group got me thinking about how many things have come back in style over the years. While I don’t believe it, one of my classmates said the butt-cut I so proudly sported and now despise is back in fashion thanks to TikTok.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been redeveloping my website to be a bit more than just my freelance website home. Today, I’m excited to announce that my blog is back after more than a decade’s absence! It’s home to everything I’ve written over the last several years and will contain everything I write for the foreseeable future. Like my outdated hairstyle, blogs are back!

For those of you who know me from Medium, I’m not leaving that platform. I’ll continue regularly publishing there. I’m just collecting everything on my website, too.

I’m not sure if our reunion group will turn into an actual reunion. It might. It might just be a Facebook group fad for a minute. Likewise, I’m not exactly sure what the future of my blog looks like, but you’re invited along for the ride!

While you are by no means under any obligation to share your high school to present glow-up, it would be great if I wasn’t on an island, here. So, you know, reply and share something. Just not your slam book revelations. No one needs to hear about that.

Justin Cox Justin Cox

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