You Should Be on Twitter

This Week In Writing, we explore how I’m shocked how many writers don’t take advantage of Twitter’s potential for writers.

You Should Be on Twitter
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Twitter is the place to connect with other people, especially other writers. Many writers have found great success connecting and engaging with others on Twitter. In the early days of Medium, you actually signed up by linking your Twitter account. Today, however, I find far too many writers are not using Twitter. Let me explain why you should be on Twitter, especially if you’re writing on Medium.

Medium makes sharing stories on other social platforms very simple. Sharing icons sit atop every story. While the Facebook and LinkedIn share buttons are there, the Twitter one works slightly differently. Clicking that button creates a new tweet with the story link and tags the author’s Twitter account. This added detail is a great way to help connect with other writers. Yet, I’m shocked how many writers I try to promote don’t have their Twitter accounts linked to Medium.

Each week’s issue of This Week in Writing features links to stories in The Writing Cooperative. I create each week’s edition and schedule a tweet to promote the newsletter. I click the Twitter share button for each of the included links to capture the writer’s Twitter account and tag them in my scheduled tweet. Roughly 30-40% of the links I share do not have Twitter accounts. That means 30-40% of the authors make it difficult for me to promote their accounts. If you’re writing on the internet, you should be on Twitter. Let me and other people who like your work share and promote you!

To help promote fellow writers on Twitter, today I’m hosting a Writing Cooperative Writer’s Lift! Post a tweet with your best writing advice and use the hashtag #WCWritersLift. I’ll retreat all the ones I see from the Writing Cooperative Twitter account to help connect fellow writers and feature my favorite tweets in an upcoming newsletter. Help me help promote you by using Twitter.

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