Let’s Get Acquainted

This Month In Writing, I introduce myself and explore the future of The Writing Cooperative.

Let’s Get Acquainted
Photo courtesy of Justin Cox

Hi, there! I’m Justin Cox, co-founder and now sole manager of The Writing Cooperative. I’ve been writing on Medium since February 2014, and my online writing dates back to the GeoCities days (do any of you remember back then?). These days, I write the weekly This Week In Writing newsletter, interview authors for Write Now, and write for private clients ranging from SaaS brands to nonprofit organizations. I also wrote a free guide to help you make the most out of your Medium account.

My biggest goal for The Writing Cooperative is to develop a dedicated community that supports and encourages each other, no matter what you write. Right now, I’m trying to define what that looks like. What do you want to see us build together?

For those who currently write for the publication or want to become a contributor, I’m looking for unique takes on writing that helps others grow. When submitting, please keep our audience in mind. While introspection is never a bad thing, your ideas should also aid others in their writing journey.

Please also be patient when submitting. While I try to review every submission as soon as possible, it may take me a few days, and I may schedule your request a week or so in advance. The scheduling window ensures your submission lives on our homepage for as long as possible.

I envision the future of The Writing Cooperative as a collaboration with you. Responses, check-ins, and feedback are always welcome.

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