Writing Is Exploring The Unknown

This Week In Writing, we explore all-or-nothing thinking and learn how to live in the unknown within our work and ourselves.

Writing Is Exploring The Unknown
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My therapist says I’m prone to all or nothing thinking — that is, I have a hard time living in the unknown. I crave details, facts, information, and absolutes. Well, I should clarify — I used to desire these things. Now, I want them, but I’m fine without absolutes, too.

As writers, we often give in to all-or-nothing thinking. We don’t want to write something if we aren’t sure people will enjoy it. Or, we convince ourselves that there are far more talented writers, so why even bother? Does any of this sound familiar?

There’s a chapter in my book about self-limiting beliefs — the lies we convince ourselves are true. All-or-nothing thinking is a great way to fall head-first into self-liming beliefs.

Yet, writing isn’t all-or-nothing. Writing is all about living in the unknown. Will something be a hit or a flop? Maybe something in between? There’s no way of knowing. The only thing that we can know is the ideas in our heads that we want to share. Focusing on creativity instead of outcomes is the only all-or-nothing thinking a writer should practice.

Are you an all-or-nothing thinker? How does that impact your writing? Hit reply, and let’s chat.

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