Are You Prepared To Change?

Losing a client is an excellent reminder that not everything lasts forever. How we respond is what matters.

Are You Prepared To Change?
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I lost a client this week. The content manager I worked with resigned, and, as a result, the company’s content budget was frozen. Granted, the client could come back once the company determines its next steps. Right now, however, I’m without one of my reliable anchors.

Nothing lasts forever in the freelance world. Clients come and go as their strategy and budgets change. Additionally, we might choose to leave clients as our workload and income requirements change.

One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher. “The only thing constant is change” is attributed to him, though the translation and phrasing often change, which feels very much on brand.

Change is constant throughout our lives. How we respond is what matters. When I got the news about losing the client, I retreated. I needed a day to decompress my brain and focus on anything other than work (in this case, exploring the Forbidden West video game). Though, the next workday, I sat down at my desk and began working, looking for the next opportunity to replace the lost client.

Change is complex and can often come out of nowhere. How we respond and react defines who we are.

How do you deal with change? Hit reply and let me know.

Justin Cox Justin Cox

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