Are You Balancing Work And Life?

While balance is especially difficult for freelance workers, it’s not impossible

Are You Balancing Work And Life?
Photo by Loic Leray / Unsplash

Being busy is tantamount to being successful in our culture. The expectation of 24/7 accessibility is considered normal. News flash: it’s not.

Success is defined by so much more than just a full calendar. In fact, many people with jam-packed schedules are often not in control of their own determination of success.

I am my business’ primary client. Sure, I technically don’t generate any revenue. However, if I overwork myself, break down, fall apart, or burn out, then I won’t be able to work at all. Then, all the revenue falls off the map.

Instead, I consider my needs just as important as my clients. If I need to take a morning to run errands, I take the morning. I don’t block the time in my calendar, but if it helps you feel productive, then go for it. Your time and self-care are worth the pause.

Regardless of how you work (freelance or employee), you are the most important asset you possess. Don’t push self-care to the back-burner. Find the steps necessary to ensure you remain happy, healthy, and at your best.

What self-care steps do you take to maintain a healthy work/life balance?

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