Claim A Scrabble Triple Word Score

📝 This Week’s Goal: Expand your vocabulary with the classic board game

Claim A Scrabble Triple Word Score
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Today is National Scrabble Day here in the United States. The day celebrates the birth of Scrabble¹⁴ inventor Alfred¹⁰ Mosher¹¹ Butts⁷ (numbers equal the Scrabble point value).

Scrabble, and the countless knockoffs it spawned, is a fantastic game based on words. For writers, Scrabble can help expand (and show off) a vast vocabulary. When else can you impress people with words like Za¹¹, Whizz²⁹, and Zombify²⁶?

What I find uniquely strange is the word “Scrabble” does not bring up a single result in The⁶ Writing¹¹ Cooperative¹⁸. Seven years of content about writing and not a single mention of the word-based board game! Today’s newsletter obviously rectifies the situation.

What is your favorite Scrabble word?