Have You Ever Written A Video Game?

📝 This Week’s Goal: Don’t be afraid to try writing for other genres.

Have You Ever Written A Video Game?
Photo by Louis-Philippe Poitras / Unsplash

Can you remember the first video game you played?

I remember playing Duck Hunt with my cousin on Christmas morning years ago. The flash of the screen, the crack of the speakers, that dog laughing at me — it was a memorable experience.

Since then, video games have evolved into a massive enterprise. Like every other business, the game industry requires writers to develop and tell increasingly complex stories. Telling a story takes on an entirely new dimension when the person experiencing the story is given a choice in the outcome.

While I’ve never written for a video game, I can respect the craft of those who do. Video games immerse the player in a complex world with a detailed story. It’s an impressive form of writing.

This week, look for opportunities to explore new genres for your writing.

Justin Cox Justin Cox

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