Do You Cross Genres?

This Week In Writing we look at the genre-crossing anime Cowboy Bebop to learn how to tell more interesting and unique stories

Do You Cross Genres?
Source: Netflix

A few weeks ago, Netflix released the first promotional photos for the live-action Cowboy Bebop remake. I’ve spent the last week or two rewatching the original anime series for the umpteenth time. The show is a genre-bending tale about a rag-tag group of space cowboys (bounty hunters). While the basis of Cowboy Bebop is future-focused science fiction, it takes a heavy influence from noir crime stories and westerns, not to mention rule-breaking jazz music.

A genre is a type of box to classify different works of art. Go to any book store or library, and, to an extent, titles are shelved according to this categorization. However, stories often get more interesting when they cross genres and break these default categorization rules.

Cowboy Bebop crosses genres to create something unique. Do you play with genre in your writing? How do you break free of the traditional categories that tend to box in writing? Do you have other genre-crossing works you enjoy? Hit reply and join us in this week’s discussion.

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