A Newsletter About Newsletters

📝 This Week’s Goal: Consider launching a newsletter to better connect with your audience

A Newsletter About Newsletters
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Today’s newsletter is a bit meta since we’re talking about, well, newsletters.

I write and send out two newsletters a week, This Week In Writing and Eat Your Words. Each one is a joy to write. Unlike some of my other writing, even stuff I publish with The Writing Cooperative, my newsletter writing feels more casual and conversational. It harkens back to old-school blogging, where relationships were built between writer and audience.

This Week In Writing (which you’re reading right now) is intended to be short and action-oriented. Each week I strive to bring one tip or question to The Writing Cooperative audience, combined with three articles on the theme. For Eat Your Words, I try to combine creativity and food for a mixture of storytelling and encouragement. Both newsletters tap into different outlets of my creative expression and, hopefully, provide readers with something worthy of their inbox invitation.

When it comes to newsletters, the sky is essentially the limit. If you have a newsletter, or you’re thinking about launching one, ask yourself what youappreciate in an email. I guarantee if you don’t enjoy writing, your audience won’t enjoy reading.

What do you look for in a newsletter?

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