Changing Lanes

Eat Your Words is evolving. Kind of.

Changing Lanes
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Hi! How are you? It’s been two weeks since I sent my last newsletter, and that one was a bit of a downer. Today I’m back with an update on Eat Your Words changing lanes.

As the sole manager of The Writing Cooperative, I’ve been busy for the last few weeks. I merged business accounts, set up new automation procedures, and shut down a Google workspace (saying goodbye to Google is strangely cathartic). I’ve also been evaluating my time and process.

For the last year and a half, I’ve created at least three new pieces of content every week. On Tuesdays I send This Week In Writing, on Wednesdays I publish a Write Now interview, and on Fridays I send Eat Your Words. All of this is in addition to my client work and other essays I publish. Frankly, it’s adding up.

I enjoy sending out weekly emails and interacting with people who respond — it’s one of my writing projects that consistently provides joy. However, I can no longer maintain two unique newsletters each week. It’s draining and starting to remove some of the fun. So, before burnout sets in, Eat Your Words is changing lanes.

My weekly newsletter focus will be This Week In Writing for the foreseeable future. If you’re not a subscriber, it’s a weekly conversation about a particular writing topic — this week was about libraries.

I don’t know if Eat Your Words will continue as a monthly, bi-weekly, or occasional newsletter — I’m going to take some time to rest my creativity and see what develops. I hope you’ll stick around and see what happens.

Justin Cox Justin Cox

Justin Cox is a donut-loving, word-writing, nonprofit consultant based in Orlando. He also runs The Writing Cooperative on Medium. Come say hello!