Write Now With Treva Brandon Scharf

Today's Write Now interview features Treva Brandon Scharf, a relationship coach and author of DONE BEING SINGLE.

Write Now With Treva Brandon Scharf
Photo courtesy of Treva Brandon Scharf

Who Are You?

I’m Treva Brandon Scharf, an ICF-certified life/dating/relationship coach based in Beverly Hills.

What Do You Write?

I write primarily dating advice and personal growth content. I’m originally an advertising copywriter, but got into writing/blogging when I got married at 51. I thought there was an interesting angle there (a 51-year-old first-time bride??) so I began to document it. When I write, there are no words or themes I avoid — I’m a straight shooter, very opinionated, and I don’t hold back! I love what I do because my story resonates with people, and they value my advice (at least that’s what they tell me). There’s nothing more empowering and gratifying than writing about my experiences, sharing my observations, and inspiring readers along the way.

Where Do You Write?

For most everything I write (copy, blogs, and other content) I start with a pen and yellow legal pad. First, I jot down a few random thoughts, sentences, or words on paper, which sparks a fuller idea of what I want to say and where I want to go once I move to my computer. From there, I open a Word or Google doc or write directly on WordPress. I converted my living room into an office space (I like to think of it as an executive office suite, with a couch, TV, and a nice view) and work on a beautiful hand-painted desk with lots of personal mementos on it (framed photos, crystals, etc.). I like a quiet writing environment, which means no music or chatter in the background. Although strangely enough, when I take my laptop to the local coffee house to write, I somehow can tune out all the noise.

When Do You Write?

I write in the morning after my workout and a double espresso. I’ll write for a few hours—not sure exactly how many since I get into the zone and tend to lose track of time. When my neck starts hurting, that’s my sign to stop. I’ll take a break, run some errands, and get back to work late afternoon or evening, with a glass of wine, of course.

Why Do You Write?

I write because I have a unique story and a lot to say about it. I’m very proud of what I gleaned as a single woman, very passionate about what I know as a coach, and I feel called to share both with readers. I also get inspired/motivated by things I read in the news—specifically trends in the dating culture that impacts single people. And because I’m on the older side now, I feel like I have wisdom and authority to back it up.

How Do You Overcome Writer’s Block?

I never suffer from writer’s block, but I am crippled by procrastination sometimes!

Bonus: What Do You Enjoy Doing When Not Writing?

I’m a political junkie, self-improvement nut, sports enthusiast, Mahjong player, music lover, and a volunteer coach with Special Olympics—and I do it all with my husband (except for Mahjong).

My thanks to Treva Brandon Scharf for today’s interview.

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