Work Like a Dog

Draw Inspiration From Your Four-Legged Friend

Work Like a Dog
Mac (photo by the author)

Sometimes we get busy, like really busy. So busy that it’s difficult to think, let alone be productive. But fear not because there is a lot we can learn from our four-legged friends.

While working from home recently, I’ve exhaustively studied my pooch, Mac. He taught me to be more productive and I want to pass that shared knowledge along to you.

Want the key to productivity? Work like a dog. Heres how:

Sleep 90% Of The Day

We can’t be productive if we’re tired. It’s just not possible. Instead, why not do what dogs do? Sleep for 90% of the day and the 10% you’re awake will be SUPER productive. Like, the most productive.

Mac (photo by the author)

Get Overly Excited For Meals And Bathroom Breaks

While you are awake, meals and going to the bathroom are amazing moments. You might think you know when they’ll happen, but when they do, it’s a single moment of joy making the whole being awake thing worth it.

Play Around A Little

Why worry about getting all that writing done when you can play with toys? But not a lot, just a little until it gets boring. Combining playing around with an unexpected bathroom break is ultimate excitement for the day.

Mac (photo by the author)

Go Out Of Your Way To Smell Strangers

You’ve got to get inspiration from somewhere. So on the rare moments you leave the house, don’t be afraid to suddenly change course and sniff a stranger. They might not like it, but you’ll get a few bits of information for your next story.

Repeat Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life

That’s it. Do these things and you’ll never worry about ideas or the ability to write again. It works for my dog, Mac, and it can work for you, too.

Mac (photo by the author)