I Don’t Understand the Concept of “Work”

All I need in life is food, shelter, and happiness. But I work to earn money to buy food, shelter, and happiness. Do you see the problem?

I Don’t Understand the Concept of “Work”
Photo by Benjamin Child / Unsplash

Work is like, some construct that was created to give us something to do. Right?

I mean, all I really need in life is food, shelter, happiness… but there’s some universal understanding that I need to work to earn money. But that money is for what? To buy food, shelter, and happiness?

It seems backwards.

Society wants me to work to live, but I really should just live to live. Man.

Right now, most people go to work to pay bills… but why pay bills when you can file for bankruptcy? The bills just go away, and you can keep on living.

Since it’s that easy, what is this whole work thing for, anyway? What would happen if everyone just stopped working?

Society would probably collapse.

Ok, screw everyone. What would happen if I stopped working?

Instead of going to work, I could tell anyone who will listen about my success. I could shout it from the rooftops. I could yell it at people on the street. I could tell each of my Uber drivers.

Everyone will believe I’m successful. People want to believe, so they will.

Then, instead of working — because really, who wants to do that? — I can run for President. That will really make people believe I’m successful. And how great would that be? Instead of telling Uber drivers about my success, I could tell the pilot of Air Force One. And they’d have to believe me — it would be an order.

People would make me President because they would know how successful I am. They would know I’m like, the most successful person to ever walk on the planet, successful. I would be President. Of America! It’d be great!

But why stop there? Why not become the King of Earth?

That’s not a thing. Who cares! People would make it a thing because I would be the most successful…

No, I was right before, society would probably collapse.

But really, what even is work?