Looking for a writer to fulfill your vision? You’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a collection of my writing services and recommended resources. Looking for something else? Contact me and let’s discuss your needs.

  • Service: 1:1 Coaching

    1:1 Coaching


    Are you ready to become a better writer? Are you looking for a writing coach with proven experience? Look no further! I leverage my years of experience to provide advice, feedback, goal setting, and accountability.

    Each coaching journey is unique. Our first call determines where you want to go. Then we develop a plan to get you there. With a mixture of video calls and email check-ins, I’ll help you work toward your goals.

    Note: Every coaching call is scheduled according to Eastern Standard Time.

  • Service: Content Writing

    Content Writing

    I help nonprofits, businesses, and individuals tell their stories. Are you ready to put my fifteen years of writing and nonprofit experience to work telling yours?

    Over 15 years, I’ve developed a passion for helping people and organizations fulfill their vision. Whether you’re looking for blog posts, drip campaigns, social media management, strategic/business plans, newsletters, or anything in between, I’m ready to meet your needs.

  • Service: Copy Editing

    Copy Editing


    Does your writing need help? As co-founder of The Writing Cooperative, I have years of editing experience. We provide support and encouragement to hundreds of thousands of followers every day. Let me put my experience editing to work for your freelance project.

    Regardless of your need, I’m ready to help you find success. I’ll take your work in progress and help it shine. You focus on your vision, and I’ll take care of the details.

    Copy editing services include line edits and proofreading.

  • Freelance Accounting Template

    Freelance Accounting Template


    When I started my freelance business, I couldn’t find a simplified accounting solution. So, I put my 15 years of experience managing a six-figure budget to work and created my own. I use the Freelance Financial Template for my own business, and now you can too.

  • So, You're New to Medium...

    So, You’re New to Medium…


    Are you new to writing on Medium? Do you want to know how to make the most of your experience and build an audience? So, You’re New to Medium… is an ebook written for The Writing Cooperative that expands on my popular Medium guide with the same name. Learn tips and tricks about using Medium to connect with other writers and build a following.

    The document is in PDF format.

  • Support Justin's Writing

    Team Eat Your Words

    Hi! I’m Justin Cox, and I’m a freelance writer. Everything I write, even stuff behind the Medium paywall, is available for free on my blog. Plus, the weekly Eat Your Words newsletter is free for everyone. To support my writing, I offer a monthly subscription to Team Eat Your Words. For the price of a boutique donut once a month, join Team Eat Your Words to support my ongoing writing. Like putting sprinkles on a donut, joining the team makes everyone happy!