Recommended Resources

In addition to my writing services, I’ve put together a list of tools and resources to help fellow writers.

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Available Resources

Freelance Financial Template

When I started my freelance business, I couldn’t find a simplified accounting solution. So, I put my 15 years of experience managing a six-figure budget to work and created my own. I use the Freelance Financial Template for my own business, and now you can too.

So, You’re New to Medium…

So, You’re New to Medium… is an ebook written for The Writing Cooperative. The book expands on my popular Medium guide with the same name. Learn tips and tricks about using Medium to connect with other writers and build a following.

Recommended Resources


Running a freelance business requires the same level of budgeting and tax preparation large corporations require. Thankfully, Gusto and YNAB make payroll, taxes, and budgeting simple and fun.

Writing & Editing

While artificial intelligence is no substitute for a human editor, it is a great layer to any process. I write in Markdown and then edit using both AI and human editors.


Every freelance writer needs a high-quality website that’s easy to update. I’ve been using Hover, Dreamhost, and Carrd for years. They are all incredibly affordable and provide top-notch service.