Write for The Writing Cooperative

Write for The Writing Cooperative

The Writing Cooperative is one of Medium’s largest publications. We strive to publish high-quality stories that support and encourage writers of all types. Being selected for publication ensures a global audience will read your work and increases the chance of broader distribution and boosting through Medium’s network.

We publish unique, high-quality articles that focus on creativity, writing, editing, publishing, and everything in between. We’re looking for original stories based on personal experience that help writers improve their craft. All submissions should provide unique, experience-based, and well-researched information that offers a creative perspective our readers can apply themselves. In other words, everything accepted needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Be of exceptionally high quality.
  • Feature personal experience.
  • Help the reader learn from that experience.

Your personal experience is invaluable and should be featured extensively in your writing. However, your experience should be the frame for what readers can learn and apply in their writing. Remember that you’re writing for a global audience and not yourself.

To write for The Writing Cooperative, you must already have a Medium account and username. You cannot write for the publication until you sign up on Medium.

Request to Contribute to The Writing Cooperative

Fill out the form below. The writing submission must be an unpublished Medium draft. Your request to contribute will be evaluated based on the submission's adherance to the publication's rules.

Each new request is handled manually and only processed once or twice a month. Please be patient and wait for a confirmation email to arrive. Upgrade to Priority Submissions and unlock a 72-hour review window!

Filling out the form below does not guarantee addition as a writer, nor does acceptance as a writer guarantee publication.